Friday, March 31, 2006

Food for thought...

I ran across this article from earlier this evening, and it gives me pause.

It's about revealing too much of yourself in blogs, message boards, and sites like myspace and facebook. About keeping others out of your business who have no right to be in your business because you made it available on a public forum such as a blog.

The previous post is a perfect example. You'll notice that instead of the mischevious smile of my now 3 year old nephew, there's a picture of the Energizer Bunny. I've had a personal policy since I started keeping this blog that I wouldn't post pictures of the underage members of my family (my sons Scott and Marc; and Joey and his sister, Amalia). There are too many weirdos out there who don't need to know what these kids look like. So they will be represented by an image that reflects their interests, or something that reminds me of them, such as the Energizer Bunny.

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. Jeff is an adult. That is why there is a picture of him (albeit one about three or so years old) in the post I made about his birthday.

I've also made a point of not revealing too much of my so-called "love life" since things ended with Saon. That's my business, and I'll keep any future topics of a delicate nature out of my blog. And those little "messages" I put in small type? I think those will go too.

Past employers? Nope. That's why in the post about my worst obscene phone call that Hannie challenged me with not too long ago, I did not name the employer in question. I don't need that to come back and bite me in the ass. I won't name future employers either. When I get a radio job, no call letters will be revealed, though the location might be, especially if I have to move out of state to take said job. Also...

That "PG-13" graphic isn't just for show. If you're under 13, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog anyway. With or without your parents consent. Things discussed here aren't for the eyes and ears of children. I'm a 42 year old woman, and some of the things I say here I don't say in front of my 12 and almost 15 year olds. They don't need to know that. And if you're under 13, neither do you.

Because, as the article I cited at the beginning of this post states, you can lose a job opportunity because of what's on your blog.

I surf a lot of blogs, and a lot of what I read on those blogs strike me as being a little bit too personal. And maybe I'm guilty of it too. After all, I am human. I make mistakes. However, if someone points out I've made a mistake, I'll admit to it.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

And that's all from where I sit.


Happy Birthday to the "Energizer Bunny"

No, not THIS one

My 3 year old nephew, Joey! Because he keeps going, and going, and going.

Love you-- Auntie Stefie

And that's all from where I sit.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy 20th Birthday, Jeff!

Love, Mom :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Looking for work in radio...

According to Site Meter, someone from Oklahoma City accessed this post I wrote in December, where I lamented that stations in Oklahoma (the whole state, not just OKC and area) didn't seem to be interested in me.

I wondered about that because last week, I sent a package to a local station that advertised a position on their website. Could it have been someone from that station who was checking me out?

I have applied to Oklahoma stations I've seen posted on since I wrote that post in December.

I really do want to work in radio in OKC, but I'll go where the job is.

And that's all from where I sit.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They're baaaack...

Not Poltergeists, but the Norwegians.

The person from Dag Hammerskjold Saksvik, Sor-Trondelag has showed up on my Site Meter stats again in disturbing numbers. Fifteen visits and counting since Sunday. I know I don't get a whole lot of traffic here, and I really don't mind if they visit that often, but please leave a comment to let me know what you think of the site.


Went to a Boy Scout dinner last night for Scott and Marc, where the usual fare of spaghetti, iced tea and weak (IMHO) lemonade were served. Marc's friend "Boonie" asked me a lot of questions that, if asked by an adult, I'd probably not have answered, but from "Boonie", it's okay. He's just a naturally curious child, and taking into account how life was for him before being adopted from Romania (I think), I can make allowances for the sometimes "personal" questions he asks.

And we're not the only people who think Jeff and Scott look an awful lot alike apparently.


And I did eventually get rid of my headache. The other thing passed without incident. Next time I feel that way, I think I will keep it to myself.

That's all from where I sit.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

I have an announcement to make...

I have a headache...

and I need to get laid.

Okay, maybe I didn't need to mention that...

I do need some Tylenol, though.

That is all.

And that's all from where I sit.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

The pic is off the sidebar

But here is one last look...

Happy birthday, buddy. Miss you! :(

And that's all from where I sit.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Don't tease me, don't lead me on...

I get so sick of guys doing that. Saon's really good at it, then he wonders what my problem is.

His reason why he can't pay my way down to New Orleans, after all the talk of bringing me down there, is because his car is acting up. He spent a ton of money getting it fixed before he left Minnesota, now something else is wrong with it?

Yeah, right. If he changed his mind, why couldn't he just tell me so?

I would like to go down there, but I think I'll pay my own way, thanks. Right now, my first priority is to find a radio job, and a job to tide me over until a radio job becomes available.


Next week is going to last forever, I just know it. Between my mother's drama and the boredom I sometimes feel living here, it's not going to be easy. At least I have Jeff, Dean, and Joey's birthdays to look forward to (Jeff and Dean's is 3/30, Joey's is 3/31).


Have a good week off.

And that's all from where I sit.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

...and go

The snow was nice while it was here... about six hours, or until the temp rose above freezing. I would have loved to have a snowball fight with someone... hmmm...


I had the weirdest dream this morning... it involved me renting a house here in OKC. My landlord didn't live in the area, so I was paying my rent to a third party.

I had gone out...somewhere... and brought home a male friend. Strangely, all the doors didn't want to work. When I got one open and went inside, who should be there but my landlord... a man I knew in Virginia named Pat. Pat looked at me and said something like I was everything he remembered about me, and more. I don't know where the male friend I brought with me had gone (he just disappeared as people are wont to do in dreams).

Pat and I sat on the couch and talked about old times, what we'd been doing in the decade or so since we last saw each other, and other such nonsense. Next thing I know, we're in the process of ripping each others clothes off. Then there's the sound of a key in a lock, which I thought strange because I lived there alone.

Clothes were quickly put back on, and we awaited the person who had a key that actually worked to walk into the house. That person was my former landlord in Massachusetts, Paul.

"What the hell are you doing here!" I gasped. Paul and I weren't on the best of terms apparently. All he said was,

"Larry sent me."

Then the phone rang, and I woke up.

None of these people know each other, so I am the common denominator. But, why those three? The only one of the three I have any contact with is Larry.

There must be a meaning here somewhere, but damned if I know what that meaning is.


I had a program director at a station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, call me at 8am this morning (which is why the phone rang, interrupting the strange dream). He didn't ask for me by name, he asked if I was the crazy chick (how I described myself in the ad he was responding to). He then asked if I was a crazy as I say, and I said (half asleep, I'm sure), "Ask my friends." He asked me to send my aircheck and resume, and he'd be in touch. So I did, and have yet to hear back. But then, they all say that they'll "be in touch". Most times, I have to get in touch with them myself.


That's all from where I sit.


Waiting for the snow to come...

Reportedly, the biggest snow this season that has seen so little of it.

We'll see.


My friend in Massachusetts, JC, sent me a song he wrote and recorded via email. Problem is, I haven't heard it because my ancient hunk of junk won't open the file, or will only open it so far then quit downloading.

It was interesting how he sidestepped the question of how things with his girlfriend were going. They were supposed to get married a couple summers back, but real life had a way of intruding. JC doesn't get into his private life with me too much. Maybe he thinks I don't have a need to know. And maybe I don't. That's cool with me. He was like that when I saw him in person (more than three years ago now) a lot. That's just the way he is.


Daniel got his new job at the grocery store. He's going to work in the back as a stocker, and his hours as of Friday will be something like 1:30pm to 10pm. The store manager himself called Daniel at the house to tell him.


Jeff is downstairs listening to his collection of classic rock on his laptop (Now playing: Sharp Dressed Man-- ZZ Top).


You haven't been peeking, have you?


And that's all from where I sit.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The cat's pic is coming down on Saturday :(

Columbus' picture on the sidebar is coming down on Saturday, which would have been his 7th birthday had he not been hit by a car in January.

Since then, Jon has not mentioned him again. In fact, I haven't talked to Jon much since then. I do know that he's doing temp jobs somewhere in the Merrimack Valley, but that's about it. Jeff called his dad yesterday to ask him about something about bicycle repair, but Jon wasn't taking calls, so Jeff left a message to call him back. So far, Jon has not called Jeff back.

Jon better call on the 30th. It's not everyday that your kid turns 20. The next kid (Scott) won't turn 20 until May, 2011; the one after that (Marc) in December, 2013.

And I just realized again that Scott's birthday will be on Memorial Day this year. Oh, that will be something... the kid already thinks his birthday should be a holiday, and this year, it IS!

Since school ends in May here like it did in Norfolk, Scott has never had to go to school on his birthday.


Daniel surprised us this afternoon when he came home from work early. Apparently, his hours at the grocery store are being cut drastically. Budget cuts or some such crap.

So, Daniel toddles on over to the store manager to see if he could move to another department, or get a different schedule or something to get more hours. The store manager told him that it was entirely possible that he could accomodate my eldest son, because the store manager is impressed with Daniel's work ethic. Daniel takes very few sick days, and the store manager was impressed that Daniel worked a full shift back in November with a ruptured appendix (a move that Daniel now says was stupid). And except for the two weeks he took off when he had his appendectomy, Daniel has been there every day since then.

We'll see how this shakes out. After all, Daniel has a car to support!

And that's all from where I sit.


Essay: Come Out and Play?

One of the things I was thinking about on Saturday was how do I get out of my comfort zone?

I've become rather comfortable as of late, and as much as I want things to change, I'm kind of scared for them to. I know they have to, because I cannot live like this long term. I'll go insane if I do.

A litte more than a year ago, I embarked on a journey to make a long held dream come true. It's something I've always wanted to do, and now that I've been prepared for the journey to come, I find that I'm a little, well, hesitant, to take that next big step.

I know what I have to do, and I will get that taken care of. Tweak something here, redo something there; relax and just talk.

I'm not your average forty-something divorcee. I've never been anything anyone has expected. Some people (i.e. my sister) call that being immature, selfish, not grounded in reality. I call it being quite real. I know what I can't do, and I know what I'm good at. I accept my limitations, my weaknesses, my faults. I have found that some of the most judgemental people find fault with me because they are afraid those same traits exist within themselves, and that's not "normal" or "expected". It's almost like a gay person denying their gayness; they know it's there, but it's not "normal" or "expected" as well. And no, I'm not gay...far from it!

How many people can look in the mirror every morning and like what they see? It took me a long time, a lot of pain, and a lot of self discovery, but I'm at a place now where I like the Stef I see in the mirror in the morning (wild hair and unruly cowlicks aside).

So, I guess it's time to do that what scares me, makes me nervous, and gives me pause. The only way to conquer my fears is to meet them head on.

It's time for me to go out and play. And maybe, I'll knock on a certain door, and ask the person on the other side if they'd like to take a chance and join me. What's the worst that could happen? They could say no. If so, I can handle it.

But if they say yes...

I'll keep you posted.

And that's all from where I sit.


Monday, March 20, 2006

It's almost like finding out your son reads Playboy

Almost, but not quite.

While Jeff was gone (they got back Friday night, so I was right!), I went thru the mangas (Japanese comic books) he had on his bed, and I found this one that was based on Alice in Wonderland. Except the girl was called Miyuki-chan, and Wonderland was nothing even remotely close to Lewis Carroll's classic story. Oh, the characters were the same, except they were all female. There seemed to be some auto-erotic lesbianism theme going on, and all I could think was, Jeff reads this???? This was too weird... were the writers and illustrators on crack when they put this together? It was all very surreal, and I was tripping for sure (and I don't do illegal drugs).

I told Jeff what I had done when he came home and he said, "Mom, for future reference, don't read the orange covers." I told him that I only started reading it because I went to middle school and high school with a girl named Miyuki, and I hadn't heard of anyone called that since.

And, I swear, I'll never get the concept of the backwards covers the mangas have. It gives me a headache trying to read from right to left....

And that's all from where I sit.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thinking on a rainy (finally!) Saturday

about the lyrics to this song, "How Do You Love?" by my all time favorite band, Collective Soul.

about being at a crossroads in my life, trying to break free of the past, while looking towards the future.

about the stuff I read on PostSecret. And yes, I have considered sending something to them.

about what to tell whom about what and how I feel. And when, if ever.

about why it's taking so long to land a radio gig.

about this poem I'm getting ready to write.


And that's about it.

That's all from where I sit.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Promises, promises

I could throw out all the cliches in the world to describe what I believed no, know happened...

But I won't. Suffice it to say that Saon hasn't changed one damn bit.

Almost from the first day he arrived back in New Orleans, he's been calling me, making all these empty promises about wanting to get back with me, that he knew he wanted me for sure, "we musta been meant to be together", etc. etc. etc.

He wanted me to come to New Orleans. He'd pay my way there, pay for the motel, even buy stuff for me. Well guess what? None of that has happened. I didn't think it would. I knew he'd wimp out. Promises, promises... I've heard it all before. Only this time, I knew it would happen so I'm not disappointed.

And yes, if you're old enough to remember the eighties (not just have been born during them... sorry Dan, Jeff, Vincent, et al), this does remind me of a song by Naked Eyes...
(lyrics courtesy of Lyrics Crawler)

You made me promises promises
You knew you'd never keep
Promises promises
Why do I believe
All of your promises
You knew you'd never keep
Promises promises
Why do I believe

So a big raspberry in the general direction of Louisiana. I hope Saon knows he blew it big time this time. I don't care what his excuse is this time.

There is a reason why he's my EX boyfriend...

And that's all from where I sit.


DAMN! Damndamndamndamndamn!!!!

One of the things I hate about Yahoo Mess-up-enger is that it decides at the most inconvenient times to disconnect me. Maybe it's my ancient computer, I don't know, but today was one of those times.

I was having a rather, um, intense, conversation with someone, and Mess-up-enger cut out on me. I fiddled with it for a sec. By the time I got it back online, I was downstairs getting lunch and heard a message come in. Apparently, because I didn't respond right away, the other person got a bit peturbed and bid me a rather curt goodbye. By the time I got back upstairs to reply, they were already gone.

"User is no longer online." DAMN!!

Due to the nature of the conversation we were having, I guess I could see where one would get upset. It wasn't intentional, and I wanted a chance to explain what happened. Now, I fear that this person is angry with me, and I so didn't want that to happen.

So, if you happen to see this sometime over the weekend: I'm sorry. Please forgive me?

That's all from where I sit.


Erin go braugh (less...? hmmm)

Hee hee, Stef made a funny!

You wearin' yer green? If not, I'm gonna pinch ya! heheheheh

I know someone who might like that...hmmm

So, Happy St. Patty's Day! Hoist a pint o' green Guinness for me, will ya?


I think the family will be coming home from Vermont today, or at least that is what I heard before they left. Daniel swears that they're coming home Sunday. We'll see who's right.


You didn't exactly request it, it was something about sneaking over to my blog to see if there was any. Call me and we'll discuss.... ;)

And that's all from where I sit.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

My apologies to the person searching for "pics of me"

that you didn't find what you were looking for when you were pointed to MVL and the previous post.


I knew that would happen, and I'm NOT SORRY that you got confused. That's what you get when you're looking for something you probably shouldn't be.

Mi Vida Loca: screwing up search engine spiders since 2003 (and damn proud of it :P)

And that's all from where I sit.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dirty posts and nudie pics (?)

I don't think you'll find anything like that here, but if you'll contact me, we might be able to work something out... I still owe you some birthday swats heheheh

hmmmm *wink*

(Don't feel bad if you don't know what's going on here. It's kinda like you had to be there.)

And that's all from where I sit.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A nice long walk

That's what I did with two hours of my time this afternoon... something I've not been able to do for about two years now.

Walk all the way from my house to the 7-11 at Sante Fe and Danforth... and back!

Yeah, my knees are still a little sore, and I took a nap during the news, but it felt so good to get out there on a somewhat nice day and walk without much effort. My feet didn't even bother me much.

A couple of years ago, I couldn't do this. I was just so, well, bleh. The FMS may have played a big part in why I couldn't. It was too exhausting to even think about, much less do. And I spent much of 2004 in a deep blue funk, and I know that didn't help matters either.

I think a lot of my renewed vigor has to do with forcing myself to get up everyday and go to school. I was in the right frame of mind to learn something new, something I've always wanted to do. And the friends I made during that time, that I could express my real self, the self that I like to see in the mirror each morning, means a lot to me.

I am so not like the person I was two years ago, three years ago. I actually like who I am now.

And I got all this out of taking a walk... I'm abso-friggin-lutely amazing!

Wouldn't you agree?

And that's all from where I sit.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Jeff reports in from Vermont-- day 1

Jeff called last night to tell us that he and the rest of the family got to Vermont okay. However...

--They flew to Boston, and were driving the rest of the way to the resort in Vermont. Upon landing at Logan, it was raining.

--It was a four hour drive, and Dean rented a van at the airport. The four hour trip took six hours, because Dean got lost.

--When they got to the resort, there was very little snow on the ground. The worst part was that the folks at the resort weren't planning on making any snow. The family did go there to ski, after all.

--On top of all that disappointment, Jeff, Scott, and Marc had caught colds, and Joey was throwing up the whole trip. Tori, Dean, and Amalia seem to be fine, health wise.

Jeff says he'll call up with regular updates. There's no phone at the resort (or not one that doesn't require a credit card to use), so Jeff will be calling from Tori's cell phone.

I hope there is something else to do up there besides skiing. Perhaps we should pray for snow...

Happy birthday.

And that's all from where I sit.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

"I was mugged by Girl Scouts today."

Saon called today. And called, and called, and CALLED!!

He got a new cell phone that has unlimited nights and weekends, and he was bored, so guess who he called?

He left Hutch the 26th of last month with his nephew, Kenny, and landed back in New Orleans on March 1st. He's working again at Belle Chasse Marine, living in a FEMA trailer with two co-workers, and sold his dog, Bleu the $400 pit bull to his pal, Ray, for $300. I'm assuming at this point that the dog was not welcome in the trailer, and Saon didn't want to be homeless.

And New Orleans is much worse than what they show on TV. Stuff closes at dusk, the city is still a mess, and supposedly, there's a rumor that Donald Trump wants to turn the entire 9th Ward into a casino! Please, Lord, anything but that! Let the people from there have a chance to come back and rebuild what they lost, and not turn it over to an overexposed psuedo-celebrity who worships the almighty dollar, rather than the Almighty God. When Saon told me that, my stomach turned.

As explanation for the title of this post, Saon went to the store today and a gaggle of Girl Scouts talked him into buying a box of cookies. Of course, he did. Whatta softie!

And, of course, he wants me to come visit. With him paying for me to get there and back, a motel, etc. It's tempting. I just don't know. Personally I think he should come here and see me on my turf for a change.


Tori, Dean and the gang (both of their kids and three of mine) are leaving for Vermont for spring break later today. They're going skiing... and experience what winter is supposed to be like!

Daniel has to work, and Mom and I weren't even asked.

I'd have loved to go to Vermont. Maybe they knew I wouldn't want to leave if they took me.


Today, March 12th, would have been my 23rd wedding anniversary with Jon. Hell, we barely made it to 16 without me wanting to kick his ass for wanting me to be the way I was when I was 15. Only problem was, I was 35, and I was done with him. Besides he wanted the divorce so he could romance this chick he met on the internet (then dumped in a typically male fashion, the moron!).


I'm still Blog Mad! They're doing a public beta testing and the only way you can get in is by invitation. Click on the link below for a referral.

I've gone BLOGMAD! And you can, too! Click Me NOW!

I get so many points when you join, and you can do the same thing once you're a member. It's real easy and free.


Vincent's back in the hospital. :(

His mom's insuranceran out, getting him kicked out a couple weeks back, but the problem he went in there for initially hasn't fully resolved itself. I found this out the other day when I called him to see how he was doing and when was he coming back down to OKC.

Not any time soon, as it turns out.

And that's all from where I sit.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Essay: A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.

I've never been a person who ever did anything conventionally.

I never fit into the "soccer mom" mentality. I'm an outsider, and I'm different, and I'm friggin proud of it!

I've done things that I am not particularly proud of, and paid my dues for some of those things. But, the things that I've done to improve my life are the things I am most proud of.

I'm writing again, in little spurts... not in the prolific way I had been the last few years, and that's okay for now. I am in the process of making a dream come true that began a year ago this week. I have friends here, and I'm trying not to let my fears and doubts consume me.

This week, someone told me I was hard to figure out, and I chose to take it as a compliment. I'm not a predictable person, and I do like to shake things up occasionally. But sometimes, I want the things everyone else has; right now, I'd love to have someone in my life, someone to share my (mis)adventures with. Maybe it's not the right time, or the karma's not right, or the moon and stars have to align just so before that will happen, I don't know.

Someone told me a while back to not censor myself on my blog, and to be myself. That's what I've been doing since my marriage ended. I do try to not hurt feelings with what I write here, and I think I've done a pretty good job.

Sometimes, you have to walk on the wild side, to get a little crazy, to need "a little madness" to make life interesting. Throw caution to the wind sometimes and do something that isn't the norm for you. I joined a carnival and dated a man a dozen years my junior; I went to school to become a broadcaster; There is so much more I want to do...

Do you dare "cut the rope and be free"?

Only you can answer that.

And that's all from where I sit.


Audio Post: Running errands-- Java Dave's

this is an audio post - click to play

And that's all from where I sit.


Audio Post: Running errands-- walking to the Post Office

this is an audio post - click to play

And that's all from where I, um, stand.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

I had to laugh... or, a request from Hannie

Johanna left me a comment today, asking me to write about the worst obscene phone call I ever got while working at the call center that shall remain nameless in Virginia (that oughta narrow it down...heheh). She and I worked together there for a while, then I left to move to Massachusetts in 1999; she transfered to the company's facility in Texas; then she left eventually.

Okay, here is the worst obscene phone call that I got that I actually remember:

It was Christmas time. When we answered calls, we had to use the "holiday greeting" the company required us to use (under penalty of death, perhaps?): "Happy Holidays from (the company that shall remain nameless)! How may I help you?"

Upon hearing this cheery greeting, the male caller on the other end let out a string of obscenities that would make a salior blush. Something about how Christmas was Jesus' birthday and that we at the company that shall remain nameless should be ashamed that we're profiting from His good name, and then more obscenities... something about performing an physically impossible act upon my own person with a phallic object stuck up my backside.

(I should interject here that I worked for this company for almost 9 years, so there wasn't anything any nutcase could say that would shock me.)

The thing that always got me while I worked there is, why in the world would someone call a toll free number they see on TV and talk dirty to the first female who answers the phone? The only reaction I have in these cases is to laugh myself silly. Of course, this is not what the sicko on the other end of the line wants to hear and hangs up, perhaps to try again until he gets a female to either act shocked or hang up.

I loved messing with obscene callers like this. I couldn't help it, the whole premise was obsurd!

Your turn, Hannie...

And that's all from where I sit.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"You are not authorized to view this page" part 2

or, What?! Again?!?!?

Only this time, while I can at least write this posting, whether I can post it right now is another question.

I can't get to Gmail either. Since Blogger and Gmail are both owned by Google, is this a related thing, or a coincidence?

I didn't know that posting something with profanity (see previous post) would screw up the whole damned system!

(picture me pulling out my hair in utter frustration!)

And that's all from where I sit.


Weird Wednesday...

I don't know if there's a full moon, or everyone's on something, or what... but today is one of those days that make the title of this blog relavent.

Like this exchange I had with somoene who is no longer on my Yahoo Messenger list:

screwloosevw420 (03/08/2006 11:09:28 AM): hi how are you?
try_me_on_4sighs (03/08/2006 11:10:46 AM): fine, thanks
screwloosevw420 (03/08/2006 11:12:46 AM): wanna see something?
try_me_on_4sighs (03/08/2006 11:13:39 AM): depends on what it is

I didn't want to see pictures of his primary male part, but before I could say anything, he said this:

screwloosevw420 (03/08/2006 11:15:16 AM): youre pretty y know
screwloosevw420 (03/08/2006 11:15:30 AM): pretty uglaylay
screwloosevw420 (03/08/2006 11:21:40 AM): how bout you fuck right the hell off you fat whorish slut of a pygmy woman you are nothing but a skank hoe youre married and you like huge black cocks in your ass and pussy and mouth at the same time you love black cock you cant get enough its because all black guys is fat white chicks, pretty much the bottom of the barrell so to speak

After I picked my jaw up off my desk, I said:

try_me_on_4sighs (03/08/2006 11:22:50 AM): excuse me? how dare you!

Then this moron tried to blame his "little brother" for the rant above, but I was having none of it. I asked him to take me off his Messenger list. He shot back that he did and asked me to stop harrassing him!

I reported this exchange to Yahoo. I don't know what, if anything, they'll do. I know I didn't do anything to warrant this kind of treatment.


Then, last night, I had to clear up a misconception that Daniel had about the tubal ligation I had nine years ago. Yes, my dearest oldest son, your ole mom still has those monthy cycle things, despite the fact that I'd been "fixed" (who am I anyway, your mother or Pinky?!)


And thanks for the nice conversation this afternoon. Definitely needs more discussion. I'll think about what we talked about and get back to you.

And that's all from where I sit.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Oklahoma Funeral Protection Act

signed into law last Friday (March 3rd) by Governor Brad Henry, WORKS!!!

The cowards from that church in Kansas stayed away from a military funeral in Ponca City today.

The way I understand it, protesters cannot be within 500 feet of a funeral one hour before to one hour after the service. It is a misdemenor offense, and any children the protesters bring with them (and they have taught their hatred to them as well) will be placed in the custody of the state of Oklahoma.

Personally, I'd run them out of the USA, since they hate it here so much, but it's not up to me. Oklahoma's not the only state with this type of law.

I'm glad. If it were my son who had died in Iraq and those nutjobs came to his funeral with their hate filled claptrap, they'd have to deal with me.

I may not always agree with my country's policies (and there are precious few that I do agree with... our ports run by Dubai? Don't think so, George!), but this is the USA, and we're damn lucky to live here. If some don't like it here, go to Iraq and see if you like it better there.

Zipping my lip now. But it's nice that the funeral protection law does what it was designed for.

And that's all from where I sit.


Larry sent me a joke...

it's kinda cute, so I thought I'd pass it along. It's probably been all over the internet a million times, but whatever...

Subject: one drink too many

A drunk gets up from the bar and heads for the bathroom. A few minutes later, a loud, blood curdling scream is heard coming from the bathroom. A few minutes after that, another loud scream reverberates through the bar. The bartender goes into the bathroom to investigate why the drunk is screaming.

"What's all the screaming about in there?" he yells. "You're scaring my customers!"

"I'm just sitting here on the toilet," slurs the drunk, "and every time I try to flush, something comes up and squeezes the hell out of my...well you know... "

The bartender opens the door, looks in, and says, "You idiot! You're sitting on the mop bucket!"

And that's all from where I sit.


I've gone Blog Mad!

I've just become aware of a new blogging community, Blog Mad, that I feel has a lot of promise. You earn credits (whole credits, not the partial ones like on Blog Explosion) for surfing member blogs. There's a lot of other fun stuff there, too.

Right now, it's by invitation only, so if you want an invite, shoot me an email, and I'll send one right out to you.

It promises to be interesting, so give it a try!

And that's all from where I sit.


Monday, March 06, 2006

oops, I did it again...

I have to shake the fantasies out of my head and get some work done. As much as I'd like to sit all day and have these pleasant thoughts drift thru my head, I just can't.

I have a job to do, and that's to find a job.


Daniel spent the night last night and went to work from here (his store is not far from the house, whereas where he lives it's quite far). I was half asleep when he left and I sleepily reminded him to lock the front door. Since he has to be at work at 6am, I'm guessing it was around 5:30am when he left.


Maybe I should just write the pleasant fantasy thoughts down. Maybe I'll let someone read them if they want to.

Maybe I should go to bed. I think I'm hallucinating without the benefit of a good buzz (which is weird because I don't drink).

Okay, maybe occasionally...

...I'm not that innocent.

And that's all from where I sit.


"You are not authorized to view this page"

And I won't even be able to see this until Blogger fixes the problem of instead of getting my blog, I get a 403 Forbidden page. So if you're reading this, the problem has been resolved. (UPDATE: it appears that this has been fixed. Thanks, Blogger! <3)

This really ticks me off. I wonder if this is just a problem with my blog, or are other blogs affected as well.

This, coupled with the fact that I feel like I've been hit in the head with a baseball bat, doesn't help my overall state of mind.

Then again, it IS Monday...

And that's all from where I sit.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

... the grrl can't help it!

I get to thinking about certain things, even without meaning to, and I get all, um, well... flustered.

Like now, for example.

And that's all from where I sit.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Apparently, Mother Nature heard me...

because we're back to our usual crappy weather here. Still no snow, no real rain. However, there is a high percentage for wildfires.

Oh, and I'd just like to mention this stray factoid... Daniel drives like a freakin' maniac! I tagged along while he went to Midwest City to sell back some CD's he didn't want anymore. There were several times that I thought he'd either rear end a car, or hit a curb. Other than that, he drives okay. He has to... the car he'll wreck will be his own. He still has two years to go to pay the damned thing off.

And if Jeff ruins another perfectly good bar of soap by wrapping it in a wet washrag, and forgets about it, I think I will kick his ass. The result is rather messy...melted soap, yuuuuck!


Looks like I'm going to make it to Friday after all, but damn this was a slow ass week!


You been peeking? Leave me a comment next time you do, okay? Thanks! You're a peach! :)

And that's all from where I sit.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It's March 1st and today it was a sweltering 91 friggin degrees!

I want winter, dammit! I want snow, and ice, and sliding around. Do we in Oklahoma only get a little taste then it's back to the blast furnace with us?

WTF is wrong with our freakin' weather?!? We only get winter once a month, twice a month if we're lucky!

I want snuggling and hot cocoa and cozy nights by a roaring fire from October to March...NOT balmy So Cal weather.

Lord, I miss New England right now!

And that's all from where I sit.


I'm never going to make it til Friday

just seems that this week is just dragging by...


Every once in a while, I'll have some person of moral turpitude IM me and say something totally outrageous just to see if I'll reply. Today, I got an offline message from some guy who asked me if I had ever broken a toe. His screen name is, interestingly enough, "breaking_toes".

I put him on ignore so fast... and now Yahoo! has a way to mark such messages as spam; like the ones I get from the Yahoo! Personals bot that state whoever it is saw my profile, etc. I don't do online dating sites. Period. I like dating real people I actually know.

Not that I've been on a date in the last two and a half years, mind you... but you get the idea.

But back to the breaking toes guy... is this a sexual turn on for him? Probably. And, just in case he IM'd me from here with that handy-dandy Yahoo! Messenger thingie on the sidebar --->

I've broken two bones in my entire life time, and even that wasn't until I was 28 years old. It was on July 5, 1992 that I broke my tibia and fibula playing softball. I had to have surgery to repair them so I could stand upright once again. No toes involved, unless you want to count the big toe on my left foot that was paraylized for 6 months after I became ambulatory again.

But it wasn't broken... :-P

And that's all from where I sit.