Friday, May 30, 2003

Chuck E Cheese Adventures w/ Scott

Tonight was Scott's family bithday party. He's decided not to have one with his friends. He got some stuff from Tori and Dean last night, a card from me and a $20 shopping card from Mom, Daniel, Jeff and me. We went to Chuck E Cheese and the kids went wild playing the games and stuff.

Joey has gotten more social. He was looking around Chuck E Cheese's at the lights and moving around to the music. He was generally having a good time.

Amalia got some body glitter with the tickets she won (with Dean's help) and by the time we left, we were all covered with it (even little Joey!).

Finally, around 10pm, we left. It was still really warm outside (it hit 102 degrees today!).

When we got home, there was a message from the president of the Band Boosters, who was looking for an email address to send newsletters to. Mom and I are going to give mine, since Mom doesn't have or want an email address.

It's late. I gotta go to bed.

More laterz--

It's Gettin' Hot in Here...

It's gonna be a scortcher today. Supposed to be close to 100 degrees. Maybe I'm just going to stay indoors because I've had sun poisoning and I don't want to take that chance again.

I talked to Saon via Yahoo! Mess-up-enger this morning. He's doing okay, working hard, and he misses me. He had fun last weekend, and wants me to move in with him, or he wants to come to OK to move in with me.

He also told me that Michele's mother called him recently, telling him that Michele is dating a black man. Apparently, that does not meet with her mother's approval, and Saon told me that she's racist.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

What does surprise me is that as much as Michele and her family wanted Saon out of their lives, apparently not just anyone will do. 1) Michele is an adult, and she can see whomever she wants; 2) why is Michele's mother getting Saon involved? and 3) why does Saon care what his soon-to-be ex does with her life? I know he still cares about her, but with all the protesting he did whenever I brought Michele up ("I don't care..."), I wonder if he's just covering up hurt feelings. She left him, after all.

Why am I getting all worked up over this?

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

How could I forget this???

It's Scott's birthday! My #3 son is 12 years old!!!!

Happy Bday, sweetheart!

--love, Mom
In Other News

Jeff is getting ready for his trip to Europe. He's leaving on June 4th. Mom has to get him some new jeans, sox, shoes, a haircut, etc... Jeff doesn't seem to be too excited about it right now (hell, I'd be packed long before now if it were ME going on this trip!), but I guess he is. The on't thing that I've heard him decide on is that he's taking his Gameboy with him, and wants to get headphones so that the sound from the games don't bug others on the plane. He joked with the coordinator of the trip (who lives, literally, right around the corner from us) that the airline they'll be on (American) screams "YANKEE!!!!" LOL

I haven't heard from Saon since I've been home. I'll call him tonight and see how he's doing.

Right now, at 10:53am CDT, there isn't any other news.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

(NOTE: this should have been posted before the last entry, as these events happened first)

Tuesday, 27 May 2003

I'm Back!!! :)

I'm back from a great weekend with Saon! I got on a bus Thursday morning and arrived in Picayune on Friday morning, where Saon and his niece, Jamie, were waiting. We went to the little motel and checked in, then Jamie took Saon back to work while I rested and took a shower.

Saon returned shortly after 4pm, and our weekend together began in earnest. We talked about what we'd been doing during the last 6 months, what we want to accomplish in our relationship now that Saon's marriage is really over.

Saon asked me to move in with him when he got his own apartment in Picayune. I told him that I would like that, but because I want to maintain contact with my family, I asked if I were to get my own place, would he consider coming to Oklahoma. He said he would. He doesn't really like living in Picayune, even though he grew up there. He says that it has changed since he left there when he was a teenager, and that people who knew him when he was younger wouldn't know him now, because he'd been thru so much.

Again, we talked about having a child together, and I told him that I would seriously look into having my tubal reversed. I've also decided to get a part time job, just so I could have some kind of income and some medical benefits.

There was an issue with my return trip. I didn't have enough money for a return bus ticket (I thought I had bought a round trip ticket) and Saon couldn't help me with it. I asked my sister if she could help me and she went ballistic. She called me selfish and immature, and initially told me she couldn't help me. Saon talked to her, and apparently she relented and agreed to pay for a ticket. I had to understand that I could never ask her and Dean for any more monetary help. Also, Saon had to pay them back for the cost of the ticket.

On Monday, I checked out of the motel and Saon dropped me off at the Spur station that the bus stops at about 3 hours before the bus was due to arrive, because he had to go to work. We said our goodbyes and I Love You's, then he was gone.

The bus arrived about 1/2 an hour after Saon left, and I got on it to pick up my ticket in New Orleans. Everything got so messed up that I was wondering if I'd be stranded there. After I called Dean and explained the situation, he called Greyhound back and got everything straightened out. I got on a bus at 2:15pm Monday and I arrived home this morning.

More on the bus trip laterz--

Tuesday, 20 May 2003


He told me yesterday that he would call me today to let me know if I could come this weekend. I just got off the phone with him, and he does have to work this weekend, so I'm not going just yet.

When I talked to him, I could hear in his voice that he wasn't alone. It was just in the way he spoke to me.

I don't know if he wants me to come or not. I want to believe that it's just not a good time right now, but the negatives are all nagging at me.

Saon has always been honest with me, so I have no reason, really, to doubt him. Maybe all it is, is disappointment that I can't go this weekend. I'll just have to deal with this disappointment, in my way. I certainly hope that I've matured since the last time I found myself in love with a man.

I have to feep the faith...

Monday, 19 May 2003


There are some things that Saon neglected to tell me about my trip to Picayune. Such as, his buddy Ray just became a new daddy this past Saturday, that Ray has a real problem with plus size people, and that he has a like-minded 16-year-old son. Also, Saon hasn't been paid yet, and the money from the sale of his car in Hutch is running out.

Right now, the trip is on hold. According to Greyhound's website, I have 14 days in which to use the ticket I bought. Saon will let me know if this weekend is good or not.

Saon is not happy in Picayune, either. It's sounding like he expects things to happen "right now". I cautioned him to give things time and to be patient. I don't want to see Saon do things in haste.

I want to be with him so much. Together, I know we can be unstoppable. But we have things to do on our own before we can be together.

Friday, 16 May 2003


I don't know what to think. Does he want me to come there or not? I wish I could read his mind, but then again, I don't want to know what he is really thinking. Am I pushing too hard? Being too forward? I just want to be with him.

The phone number he gave me is his buddy's cell phone. If I had known that, I would have never called it. He says he's going to call me tonight, but when tonight, I don't know.

I feel so stupid sometimes. Maybe I shouldn't go. He grew up there, and I'd just be a stranger to all the people he knows there. Some of them may have met his ex, and may compare me to her. They will undoubtedly be told that I am older than he is and dismiss me as desperate. I'm scared...but he is all that matters, the only person I'm going there to see. If he wants me there, I'll go.

I don't know why I let all these silly worries get me down. I'm sure everything will be fine. The only thing I worry about is how I'm going to pay for the bus trip home, and what am I going to use for money while I'm there. I hate being broke, and I hate asking people for money.

New worries. I need a miracle right now. I need a miracle, and Saon.

Friday, 16 May, 2003


Four more days!

I can't wait to see my baby again!

Saon has taken a big step in starting a new life. He's workin', savin' and doin'…and he wants me to be a part of it! I'm going to Picayune next week so we can get reacquainted and talk about the future. There's so much we need to talk about. We really want to start our lives together again, and pick up where we left off when he went to Minnesota last November 21st.

I am having some concerns, though. Concerns on my part, though. After everything I've been though with him, I want to be absolutely sure that nothing is going to come between us, as in Saon going back to his old life, or something yet unforeseen. I'm ready to settle down with one person, and I believe that Saon is that one.

Maybe I'm just nervous, but once I get there and see him, I'll be fine. Just a bus ride separates us now.

The bus trip home was unreal. It started in Picayune after Saon dropped me off at the Spur station. It was 10:30am and the bus didn't come until 1:25pm (or so I thought). A bus showed up at 11am, and since the Spur station wasn't really a bus station, I couldn't pick up my ticket there, but at the first station with a ticket counter. The bus that came at 11am was going to New Orleans, so I got on. Once I got to New Orleans, however, things got very weird. The reference number I'd been given was for the trip TO Picayune, not for the return trip to OKC. Turns out that my brother in law was given the wrong number. After getting the correct reference number, I was told that the schedule didn't have a stop in New Orleans. After a few minutes of searching the computer, I got a ticket that would take me thru a rather large chunk of Louisiana, but would still get me to OKC at the same time as the originial schedule.

At 2pm, I got on the bus headed to Shreveport, which would connect to a bus headed to Dallas. I'd change buses in Dallas to go to Wichita Falls, TX, which would eventually get me to OKC.

I think the next time I go to Picayune to see Saon, I'm going to fly into New Orleans and he can drive the hour or so to pick me up. I can't do that much sitting in one position for that amount of time. My back and my butt can't handle it. LOL

More laterz--