Monday, June 11, 2007

The Post wherein Stef talks about the Comedy of Errors her weekend turned out to be

or, "How an innocent trip to the Redhawks game went horribly wrong".

Granted, it didn't go horribly wrong until after we got home, but still and all, it was quite an interesting weekend.

Dean had won an auction at Marc and Amalia's school for a block of tickets, in a box, no less, so all ten of us in the family, plus people that work for the medical group that Dean practises with to the Oklahoma Redhawks game last Saturday night.

We were in a corporate box, where food and snacks and sodas were provided, and we watched the Redhawks get beat by the Round Rock Express (the Redhawks left their pitcher in much too long, IMHO, and he got tired). It was pretty fun, even if Dean, Scott and Marc left in the third inning to meet up with a group of Boy Scouts to go camping in Colorado.

Scott got his learners permit, and he has this habit of not smiling in pictures (he got it from Jeff), and he looks more and more like his father every year. It's almost scary.

He's also getting a job this summer, so he's one of the throng of teenagers looking for work, but not until after he gets back from Colorado next Sunday (Father's Day).

It took us forever to get out of Bricktown after the game, and Daniel took me, Jeff and Mom home to Mom's house, and he went to Tori's because she had to go pick up Dean's Yukon from wherever it was parked. When Daniel got to Tori's, he somehow slammed the car door on his thumb, and the nail was getting black. Tori didn't think it was broken, but it hurt like hell.

Daniel ended up calling in to work, explaining that he may have broken his thumb and was going to have it looked at. Then he went back to my sister's to get his medical insurance papers. On the way there, he lost control of his car because his thumb was swollen by this time, and hit another car.

He eventually got to Tori's and she took him to the emergency room, where he found out that his thumb was not broken, and that his insurance only covered injuries suffered at work. The ER doc poked a small hole in Daniel's thumbnail to let the blood collected behind the nail drain out (which is why it was so sore and swollen). He was given a prescription for pain meds, and took one at Tori's and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, I had no way to get back to my apartment, so Mom said I could borrow the van if I stayed over, then drive back to my apartment to take a shower, change my clothes (because I was still wearing the clothes I'd worn to the ball game), and go to school. I have to return the van this afternoon, and Daniel, hopefully, will take me home this evening so I can go to school on Tuesday.

I have a test in math, so I have to be there.

So, that was my Comedy of Errors weekend. I should have read my horrorscope first, ya think?

miss you cowboy

That's all from where I sit.


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