Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My two year quest is almost over! YAY!!!

What quest is that, you ask... Why it's the quest to get my name changed on my damn Social Security Card, of course.

(The OKC Social Security Office at Sheppard Mall. I hate this place!)

This was the fourth time I've tried to do this. The first time, I didn't have my name change papers with me.

The second time, I had the name change papers, but they weren't certified copies.

The third time was last summer when I was still in Wyoming, and despite the fact that there was a Social Security office in the town where I lived, I was told that I had to go to Cheyenne to do that! With no car, I couldn't do that.

Today, I was told that I needed to produce a picture ID with my former married name on it. Of course, I don't carry it with me, so I didn't have it. Why didn't anyone tell me this the previous three times I tried to do this?

So, to preclude a fifth trip there, I am being allowed to mail in my old Oklahoma Driver's License, where they will copy it, and send it back to me with a receipt.

Barring any last minute crap (like if they want to see my marriage license, which Jon still has), I should have my new card about 7 days after they receive my ID in the mail.

I got there at about 3:15pm. The office closes at 4pm. The guard locks the door and puts up a sign that says "CLOSED"... this guy didn't seem to grasp the concept of "we're closed"...

(It was about 4:05pm at the time this guy showed up. After I took this picture, he actually knocked on the door! )

And he wasn't the only one. About 10 people showed up in the time since I left and sat on a nearby bench waiting for Daniel to come back from wherever he went because he didn't want to wait with me (and I don't blame him. Sheppard Mall is a rather depressing place).

Then it was back home to do homework. Oh. Joy.

That's all from where I sit.


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